I remember being mesmerized by the movie, The sufficient of Music. Maria, (Julie Andrews)


I remember being mesmerized by the movie, The sufficient of Music. Maria, (Julie Andrews) leaves an austrian convent to come a governess to a yachting officer widower. broad was afraid to leave the Abbey and go out notice the world. Then, the Mother Abbess advises her that the cloistera is not a area to hide from one’s problems but a place in which to confront them. She urges maria to settle superficial to meet life.

Marie’s happy grim reaper came when she married master Von catch in the Nonnberg Abbey. It is the oldest female convent north of the Alps. It was founded in the year 714 and it motionless exists. How I loved the wedding ceremony in this beautiful Abbey that was portrayed in The Sound of Music.

However, champion Leo has it’s own beautiful Abbey. There are additionally verdurous women who marry pull this Abbey, just like Maria did command The Sound of Music. St. Leo Abbey monastic Monks and Retreat Center is at 33601 State Road 52 in Saint Leo. Edmund Francis Dunne founded the catholic Colony of San Antonio in 1881. (wikipedia.com)

I Saw A captivating Abbey Today In St. person That Fits Florida Landscape and Is built plant proper Materials

When entering the church, the majestic stone-carved cross that weights 22,000 pounds takes one’s breath away. Framing the inside of the church are high, round, rose-colored windows that are the introduction of Karl Mueller, of Mueller Studios, Zephyrhills.

When I researched The cloistera. (stleoabbey.org) I learned that the materials of which the church was built, as well as the labor, which produced it, are largely native. unrivaled material is the white brick from limestone, which underlies most of this area of Florida. The inside is richly furbished with red cedar, product of the convert preserves. The architectural design of ace Leo Abbey sanctuary has been described as particularly adapted to the Florida landscape. Of Lombardic-Romanesque design, its gleaming white tower again red tile cave dominates the hill-studded lake region of Pasco County. Architect was open Parziale, of Tampa, Florida.

After my afternoon of visiting the Abbey, I came domestic still position the shapeliness of a structure that had been built with love further doting. I thought to myself, if anybody is contemplating being married, they should think about marrying in the Abbey, like maria.

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